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Manila - the Pearl of the Orient

Manila is a beautiful city but is also a city of contrasts. You will see abject poverty co-existing alongside decadent wealth; ancient medieval ruins alongside an ultra modern city skyline, and delicious, fresh food sold on corner stores opposite greasy fast food chains. My husband and kids loved Manila and the trip for them was awash with lots of new experiences, places to discover and food to try, whilst for me, being born in the city, the trip was a walk down memory lane where many of the sights, sounds and tastes brought back particular memories of a happy childhood. The hubby loved exploring the "off-the-beaten-track" parts of the city by foot (such as notorious Tondo where no foreigners dare to tread), and the kids were fascinated by the rickety modes of transport that they weren't used to seeing such as the tricycle and jeepney, and constantly asked if we could ride in them. As for typical foodie me, I wanted to explore the different types of foods on offer, e

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